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This small size CPU module comes in a CF-Card package. Its performance corresponds to a 386er... more
Product information "MicroPC DOS-Rechner im Gehäuse"
  • This small size CPU module comes in a CF-Card package. Its performance corresponds to a 386er DOS Motherboard.

  • Simplified PC-Bus (8-Bit Bus) for Peripherals

  • Failure-safe Flashdisk for Operating System, Application Program and Application Data

  • Exceptionally low power Standby Mode, 1mW typical, Wake-Up per Interrupt within < 1 ms


Technical Details

  • Intel 386EX Prozessor with 25 MHz
  • 1 MB SRAM  (4 oder 8 MB PSRAM optional)
  • 4 MB NOR-Flash  (8 MB optional)
  • Comprehensive Pin-Multiplexing (up to 4 Functions per Signal)

  • 8-Bit Parallel-Bus with 4 Chip-Selects and 4 Adress Lines
    suitable also for Ethernet-Controller or CompactFlash

  • 2x UART
  • 1 synchronous serial Port
  • 2x Timer (Gate, Clock and Out)
  • I²C
  • up to 31 digital Ports
  • JTAG Port (Boundary Scan)I

Operating System

  • FreeDOS
  • Operating System on Flashdisk
  • Writable Flashdisk
Power Supply
  • Voltage 3,3V
  • Power Consumption:
         Full Load:  < 450mW
         Idle: 100mW
         Standby: 1,5 mW
  • Battery Backup für Real Time Clock,  0,4µA
Operating Temperature.:
  • -40..+85°C
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) with battery backup
  • Software configurable Clock Rate: 25, 20, 8 or 4 MHz
  • User programable CPLD Xilinx XCR3064XL
  • CompactFlash Card Type I Format:
  • 43 x 36,5 x 3,5 mm



Element Beschreibung Download Hinweise Handbuch für den MicroPC... mehr
Element Beschreibung Download Hinweise
pdf Handbuch für den MicroPC DOS-Rechner im Gehäuse. Handbuch Deutsch, 2005
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