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panel_pc_ohne_gehäuse_main_4260578796255 Panel-PC (without housing)
5.7" LCD 4 MB Flash 1 MB SRAM FreeDOS cable with pin connector (2x10-pin to 9-pin DSUB) power supply, null modem cable manual, software
€712.81 *
panela5_hmi_als_io_sbc_mit_gewinkelten_steckverbindungen_top_4260578791656 PanelA5 HMI as I/O SBC with angled plug connectors
Panel A5 Board, energy efficient, flexible IO-options, without TFT & housing. With angled plugs for sideards connection 528 MHz CortexA5, 256 MB LPDDR, 256 MB NAND Flash 2x USB Host, USB Device, 10/100 Ethernet, 2x RS232, 1x RS232/RS485,...
€272.51 *
PanelA5D2 PanelA5D2
PanelA5D2 mit geraden Steckverbindern CPU-Modul "DropA5D22" mit 528 MHz CortexA5 CPU, 256 MB LPDDR MicroSD-Card Slot RS232- und/oder RS485/RS822 Ports auf RJ45-Steckverbindern Ethernet und USB Host und Device TFT- und...
€236.81 *
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