gpio.u.RS232 DSUB connector with socket connector

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The gpio module offers you a RS232 interface via the DSUB connector. The interface converter... more
Product information "gpio.u.RS232 DSUB connector with socket connector"

The gpio module offers you a RS232 interface via the DSUB connector. The interface converter module can be quickly integrated into existing IoT systems and can be easily configured. The USB interface is used for power supply and data communication. Care must be taken to ensure that the supplied voltage is 5 volts. A REST API is suitable for configuring and using the hardware. The converter module is freely programmable.


Technical Details


  • Microchip SAMD21E18A Processor
  • ARM Cortex-M0+ core
  • 48 MHz CPU-rate
  • 256 KB Flash
  • 32 KB SRAM
  • 1,62V - 3,63V Tension of supply range
  • 3,3V UART with up to 3MBit
  • USB2.0/2.1 (only gpio_u_)
Power supply
  • 3,3V through socket
  • 5V trough USB (only gpio_u_)
Operation temperature.:
  • -40..+85°C
  • 50 x 31 x 11 mm (gpio_d_ and gpio_m_)
  • 57 x 31 x 11 mm (gpio_u_)
  • D-Sub-male connector
  • TI MAX3243 Multichannel RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver
    • Up to 250 kbit/s
    • ESD Protection of ± 15 kV
  • all Handshake-Signal proven: RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, RI
Element Description Download Details gpio Software ARM... mehr
Element Description Download Details
pdf gpio Software ARM zip-file 03/2021
pdf gpio Software Linux zip-file  03/2021
pdf gpio Software Windows zip-file 03/2021
 pdf gpio Software Mac zip-file 03/2021
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