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gpio.m.rs485_mit_dsub_buchse_und_wannenstecker_bot_4260578794275 gpio.m.RS485 with DSUB connector and box header...
Module with D21 processor
€29.75 *
gpio.m.rs485_mit_dsub_buchse_und_buchsenleiste_main_4260578794527 gpio.m.RS485 with DSUB connector and socket...
Module with D21 processor
€29.75 *
usb_gpio_modul_rs485_auf_dsub_gpio.u.rs485_swtch_top_4260578795081 gpio.u.RS485 with DSUB connector and Rj12
The gpio module offers you a RS485 interface via the DSUB connector. The interface converter module can be quickly integrated into existing IoT systems and can be easily configured. The USB interface is used for power supply and data...
€42.84 *