We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.


Our existing range of modules and our solutions kit allow us to realize multiple projects quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and development resources.

We also offer development services for device manufacturers, so you can enjoy significant benefits through reduced development times, costs and risks.



Modules and Boards (Electronic Assembly)

  • CPU modules
  • Base boards
  • I/O automation system
  • Display and touch modules
  • Converters and adapters
  • Industrial enclosures


  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0WLANGSMGRPSLTE
  • Wired Ethernet 10/100USBRS485/RS4224-20 mARS232SPII²CMOD BusAnaloge und digitale I/Os


  • Basic software and application
  • Driver development
  • System integration


  • Sensor networks Our flexible I/O automation system combines analog with digital: sensors, data streams, 3rd party devices and actuators can be combined, read, controlled, visualized, logged and stored—from anywhere in the world, via IP or GSM.
  • Mobile device controllers For many requirement profles, mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets present a useful alternative for confguration, data logging and handhelds: They’re cost-effective and offer numerous wireless interfaces such as Bluetooth, WiFi and GSM.
  • Security concepts A cryptochip implemented into our products enables a simple, secure data and program authentication and encryption, enabling us to offer a wide range of safety features: Secure Boot, Secure ID, Secure Data and Secure Remote.