Our LCD-term is from now on in 2 additional sizes available

To the previous existing display sizes 1,2'' und 3,5'' you can find from now on the two new sizes:

1,5'' und 2,5'' LCD in our Online-Shop.


Please take a look here.


Das Dreimal Einfache LCD-Terminal von taskit


The three special futures of the LCD-Term:
- easy to connect with RS232, LVTTL- or USB device
- simple display of three front sizes and GIFs
- tempting low prices

Simple sending of ANSI sequences via terminal program and already the result will appear.

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Here comes the DropA5D22 - smaller and even more energy efficient


Today our portfolio gets bigger with a new CPU-module on our side. It is named DropA5D22.


It provides the newest microprocessor of Atmel, the SAMA5D2. This chip has the right price-to-performance ratio with the world´s lowest power consumption for all MPUs in its class.


Its ARM Cortex-A5 core includes NEON (floating point and parallelizing unit), as well as cryptographic functions like AES, SHA and a true random number generator (TRNG).


Most conspicuous feature of the DropA5D22 is the very small size: we shrinked the board to only 46 mm x 25 mm (1.81 in x 0.98 in) and further decreased power consumption. Supply current in standby mode is less than 1 mA while keeping the entire RAM contents. The DropA5D22 wakes up from standby in well below 0.1 milliseconds.


tl_files/cust/img/prod/com/DropA5D22 -- ARM Prozessor.pngThe Drop boots from its on-board serial flash and/or microSD card, or optionally from external flash memory. DropA5D22 is shipped with a full featured Linux 4.7 operating system.


The comprehensive multiplexing of the 72 PIO-pins provides for various interface configurations.


For more information, please click here



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StampA5D36's little brother

At the end of the third quarter of 2016, the DropA5D2 extends our CoM portfolio. A fully-flegded Cortex-A5 core incorporating NEON, AES and a TRNG as well as 256 MB LPDDR1 fit on a size of 45 mm x 26 mm.

As boot media, a serial flash and a SD card socket are mounted on the board. Access to the peripherals is provided by the 100pin FX8 connector.

Low energy consumption is always our main focus: Thus the consumption in standby by full preservation of the memory content is about 1 mA with a wake-up time below 1 ms.


  • ARM Cortex-A5 Kern, ARMv7-A, NEON, Jazelle
  • 500 MHz CPU clock, 166 MHz bus clock
  • 256 MB LPDDR1
  • 32 kB L1 data cache, 32 kB L1 instruction cache
  • 128 kB L2 cache
  • 128 kB scrambled SRAM
  • 2 MB serial flash
  • 3.3 V power supply
  • 100pin FX8 connector
  • 45 mm x 26 mm size
  • 1x USB host, 1x USB host/device
  • 1x ethernet 10/100 Mbit
  • max. 72 PIO pins
  • max. 5 UART
  • max. 4 Flexcom (UART, SPI or TWI)
  • 3,3 mW in standby mode (1 mA @ 3.3V)
  • < 100 μs wake-up time


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Visit us at SENSOR+TEST 2016

We cordially invite you to visit us on our booth from 10 – 12 May 2016 at Messezentrum Nürnberg, Germany (hall 5 /stand no. 417) at SENSOR+ TEST 2016, where we would like to present you our new products.


You can download your individual free admission ticket at http://www.sensor-test.de/service/sensorticket.php


Your visit will be worthwhile in any case because the SENSOR+TEST 2016 will not only offer you a complete survey of the measurement chain, but also a comprehensive side program:


  • Two top-class conferences (the 36th European Telemetry and Test Conference etc2016 and the 18. GMA/ITG Fachtagung Sensoren und Messsysteme 2016),

  • The grant of the AMA Innovation Award,

  • Presentations on the forums including two special sessions dedicated to “Measuring in the Cloud” and to “Innovative Testing”,

  • As well as live demonstrations in the action area.


Further information at http://www.sensor-test.com/.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Nürnberg.

Your taskit team.

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Happy Birthday Portux

Happy Birthday, not Merry Christmas? But yes, exactly 10 years ago on christmas eve the first Portux920T was shipped to a customer. So Happy Birthday Portux and we wish you another ten successful years of product life!


Hapy Birthday Portux


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New gpio.net demo online

Our new gpio.net demo implementing remote control and data logging in a cloud-based solution is online!

What if you would need just a few lines of Javascript code to embed a gpio.net card on your website? What, if the same lines of code make up your mobile web app? Have a look here at our new greenhouse demo!


taskit gpio.net greenhouse demo


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Atmel®-FAE Meeting

Once again, taskit participates in Atmel's yearly FAE meeting this month. We stand to benefit from the latest developments and field experiences from one of the most important provider for embedded microprocessors at first hand.

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Countdown for our new LCD-Terminal

The testing- and quality tests of the new module is in the final phase.
In a few weeks the new LCD-Term will be available, first with the display sizes of 1,2'' and 3,5''.


Three Times Simple


Three times simple - the new LCD-Term by taskit



The three special features of the LCD-Term:
- easy to connect with RS232, LVTTL- or USB device
- simple display of three front sizes and GIFs
- tempting low prices

Simple sending of ANSI sequences via terminal program and already the result will appear.

More details shortly.

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Developer Bundle with TFT now

The Starterkit A5 for PortuxA5D36 and StampA5D36 has now added a 3,5'' colour LCD TFT with capacitive touch - without any change of price.
The LCD is mounted on a second PCB ("Piggypack"), which can be easily connected to the Portux-Base. The 320x240 pixels and the integrated touch enable the customer to even quicker evaluate their application.


Get it now!



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New Manual

New Manual online for gpio.ipCore

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New: StampA5 with 1 GB Memory!

For applications requiring more than 256 MB Flash-/RAM memory our Stamp CoM series has been extended by an additional version with more capacity.
The new board with 1 GB NAND-Flash and 512 MB Low Power DDR will be shippable by August 2015.


Directly to the product StampA5D36 (1GF/512R)


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embedded world in Nuremberg

From Tuesday, Feb. 24th until Thursday, Feb. 26th about 900 exhibitors will present their products at the leading fair for embedded systems in Nuremberg/Germany, the 'embedded world'. Of course taskit will take part too. As is usual in Hall 1, booth no. 303.

Focus: new asemblies with Cortex core, as the computer-on-module StampA5D36, the mini-pc PortuxA5 and PanelA5, a compact combination of a board with a 7" display for industrial use, optional with a fetching, IP-protected housing.

Bluetooth Smart is the last year released and latest standard with exceptionally low energy consumption. It has the potential for a new benchmark for measurement and logging.
We'll show examples: the converter BLE232 with already strong demand building a wireless bridge between two serial ports (paired use). Moreover a new way of ph-measuring according to the principle 'my mobile is my display'.

We of taskit develop und manufacture long-term available components - customized solutions as well. This year's and in the future we will point it much stronger.

Last not least our I/O network gpio.net will be on focus. Control and check the values of light, heating, watering and humidity of a small greenhouse - live! Several Housing solutions demonstrate the flexible concept for an automation application.

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Merry X-mas and a happy new year!

Best wishes to our customers and partners for Christmas and the coming year!

Our office is closed between December 22th, 2014 and January 2nd, 2015.
We will be back for you on January 5th, 2015.

Testing gpio.net

We made ready a first interactive testing environment for our gpio.net system.
With your mobile and by klick onto the icons you can switch the light, venting, heating and watering of a schematic greenhouse.

Watch the 'live' values of temperature, brightness and humdity.
Get an impression of the options to check and operate via IP- or GSM network!

Start now!

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New version of the taskit Modbus library

A new version 2.02 of the taskit Modbus library has been published.

You'll find the download and a short documentation at the gpio.net section

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New Display Unit PanelA5

Our new HMI Unit PancelA5 is undergoing the last steps of testing and will be on the shelf soon.
It is powered by our CPU module StampA5D36 with the new Cortex-A5 ARM architecture.

More features: 7" display, resistive or capacitive touch, I/O extensions: relay, 24V digital output, analogue in security chip. And as an option a rugged housing with IP65 front for use in electric cabinets, vending machines and machinery.

And as always on taskit boards: Energy efficiency. 

More technical details, launch date soon!

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New compact housing for gpio.net

The very compact design is made of eloxed aluminium and stores up to 3 modules besides the controller unit ipcore. A use case could be a trigger based fluid drive, realized in combination of the module AI with its analogue inputs and the relay module. For this 2 cards and controller unit the double-stack housing compact+2 is the right choice.


With a height of just 45 mm it differs from the compact+3 in front panel design. Even more flat -just 30 mm- the housing version compact+1 is as well available. It is optimal for applications with only one gpio.net module combined with a controller board.


All housings of this series are on stock now and have the minimum size of 104 mm width and 167 mm length. The modular design is flexible for costumized solutions: may be more than 3 module are requested or you need your logo engraved? Please contact us - we manufacture your individual design, be it small scale or large.

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New CortexA5 - Mini PC

The developer tasks are nearing completion and will be finished in July. Then our mini pc seies PORTUX will been enhanced with much more power: a new embedded board with CortexA5 processor!

More: coming soon!

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French Industry Supplier decides for StampA5

Our starter kit of the StampA5D36 was convincing, the quotation for an expected demand quantity of 1.200 as well. For that matter the helpful support of our developer was a decisive factor for the order placement.

Thanks from the taskit-Team!

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Portux SBC is fit for the universe

High, very high can fly some of our PortuxG20 mini PCs: they've been qualified for a satellite project of the University of Barcelona.


The Deciding factors were the different tests like the functional reliability in a vacuum and vibration durability tests.


Our compact single board computer worked smoothly in every respect. Trusty ARM computer with slightly power demand manufactured to quality certified (ISO 9001): taskit Portux!

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Starter kit for our Cortex CoM is available

Our new Computer-on-Module StampA5D36 will be ready for shipping end of April - the developer bundle is available as of now!

With evaluationboard, power supply, different cables and applications you'll get all to be ready for rapid development.

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Embedded World 2014 in Retrospect

Stamp goes Cortex - the StampA5D36 as a new member of our successful CoM series was in focus. Our developer team is currently dealing with many inquiries for our new CPU module, as well as for request for customized design.


Just a few month ago Blutooth Smart had been launched and inspired us for an innovate solution: the converter BLE232 was another novelty exhibited on embedded world 2014 and provides Bluetooth Low Energy for serial interfaces.


Exciting new implementations are waiting, older bus systems will be able to connect to this latest wireless technology. For sure further solutions with Bluetooth Smart will emerge and be highlighted next.


taskit developer team at the embedded world 2014, in Nuremberg

Thanks to all visitors and for their friendly feedback! With or without our well requested, company-colored donuts: we are looking forward to the next opportunity for a live presentation of our products.

The embedded world meets in Nuremberg

The Embedded World Exhibition offers an overview of the latest embedded technologies to visitors.

Traditionally like the past years taskit is participating in this exhibition. Our developer team are going to present our new technologies in Hall 1, booth 303 including technologies like a compact converter that enable the use of Bluetooth Smart (often known as Bluetooth low energy) between serial interfaces und bus systems.


Another innovation is the StampA5D36, a new mainstream product of the Stamp computer-on-module family.

Based on a Cortex-A5 core and equipped with an encryption chip and additional specific safety features:
enhanced data security namely summarized as VAULTsec.

Benefits of all previous Stamp cpu modules are now unified on ultra compact footprint of just 53 x 42 x 6 mm:
high energy efficiency, industrial-suited connectors, long-term availability, Linux support, a wide range of peripherals and a LCD controller.


The team of taskit at the exhibition is pleased to meet you.
A good cup of Nespresso coffee and fresh baked donuts are waiting too ...

New website by taskit

Modern technical base and a more suitable layout design: we hope you like our website relaunch and find one's way.

Connect Bluetooth low energy to bussystem

Interesting new options with Bluetooth low energy.

Our brandnew published adapter BLE232 provides the RX/TX connections of serial interface over Bluetooth Smart.

Enjoy the unique advantages of Bluetooth low energy for bussystems.


taskit goes sps ipc drives exhibition!

Round about 1.500 exhibitors are expecting roughly 60.000 visitors at more than 100.000 qm:

the leading trade show for automation, systems and components, the 'sps ipc drives' takes place in end of next month in Nuremberg. From Tuesday, 26. until Thursday, 28. of November you have the chance to get a survey of the latest news in automation technology - live and full as it can be just at a fair. 

For taskit it is the first time as an exhibitor at the sps ipc drives - our focus will be on Computer-on-Module and SPS. Join the opportunity to meet our developers in person and to check out these innovations:


the worlwide requested Computer-on-Modules of our Stamp series
Small footprint with energy efficient ARM-technology, durable connectors and extensive peripherals - now for CAN-bus too!


the highly flexible GPIO interface system gpio.net
relais, analog and digital IO cards with unified interfaces and several casing solutions allow to implement most application scenarios of automation. Instrumentation, automation and control - suitable also by mobile!