Here comes the DropA5D22 - smaller and even more energy efficient


Today our portfolio gets bigger with a new CPU-module on our side. It is named DropA5D22.


It provides the newest microprocessor of Atmel, the SAMA5D2. This chip has the right price-to-performance ratio with the world´s lowest power consumption for all MPUs in its class.


Its ARM Cortex-A5 core includes NEON (floating point and parallelizing unit), as well as cryptographic functions like AES, SHA and a true random number generator (TRNG).


Most conspicuous feature of the DropA5D22 is the very small size: we shrinked the board to only 46 mm x 25 mm (1.81 in x 0.98 in) and further decreased power consumption. Supply current in standby mode is less than 1 mA while keeping the entire RAM contents. The DropA5D22 wakes up from standby in well below 0.1 milliseconds.


tl_files/cust/img/prod/com/DropA5D22 -- ARM Prozessor.pngThe Drop boots from its on-board serial flash and/or microSD card, or optionally from external flash memory. DropA5D22 is shipped with a full featured Linux 4.7 operating system.


The comprehensive multiplexing of the 72 PIO-pins provides for various interface configurations.


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