For our modules and customer-specific projects, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of software. Our expertise covers everything from programs for microcontrollers, operating system programming and driver development all the way to graphic user interfaces and app development for mobile end devices.

Thanks to our fully implemented security concept, we’re able to deliver effective solutions for data security and communication encryption. To accomplish this, our system combines hardware and software cryptography and provides you with effective protection from devices being copied as well as software piracy.

For recurring tasks such as software updates or remote maintenance, modular components are always an option.


  • Linux
  • C/C++
  • Microcontroller
  • JS (Javascript)
  • Android
  • Python
  • SQL, MySQL, SQL-light, noSQL
  • Mongo, Redis


  • External peripheral devices
  • On-board periphery


  • Database interfaces
  • Protocol converters
  • Data import and export

Our exclusive security concept 'VaultSec' combines hard- and software cryptography - for more data security and protection against hardware cloning and software piracy.