Although technically suitable swarm research robots were available on the market, the existing solutions were not satisfactory enough for the scientists at TU Berlin. Resources regarding storage capacities and the computing power of the built-in microcontrollers were only able to implement simple experimental set-ups. In addition, the researchers had specific ideas and requirements in terms of sensor technology, and these were not covered by the existing technology.

Project Process

The Chair of Communication and Operating Systems at the university was already in contact with taskit thanks to previous joint projects. Therefore, when it came to discussing their existing challenges regarding swarm research robots, it was a matter of course for this client to have an informal development exchange with taskit. After providing a short overview of the costs for such a circuit board, it turned out that the “ideal robot” could be created at a low initial cost and at the price of a commercially available standard device.


Based on the wishes of TU Berlin, taskit developed a mobile robot circuit board with comprehensive sensor technology including ultrasound, brightness and temperature. Both engine control and sensor data query are executed by a microcontroller directly installed on the robot circuit board. In addition, an in-house developed Linux-based embedded ARM computer was attached: This is used for communication, complex control and analysis-related tasks and has enabled the researchers, for example, to use a camera in a field test.

Swarm robots for the TU




Sector: University/Research

Client: Technical University of Berlin

Project: Swarm research robot


Hardware Development

  • Sensor circuit board
  • Engine control
  • Undercarriage


  • Microcontroller for engine control
  • Sensor data interpretation
  • Communication protocol

"The Technical University of Berlin received a custom-made robot platform for the price of a commercially available standard device."

YES, we have ideas to use swarm robots as well!

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