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  The PanelA5D2 as a web terminal is a highly configurable and ready-to-use HMI module... more
Product information "PanelA5D2 - Webterminal"


The PanelA5D2 as a web terminal is a highly configurable and ready-to-use HMI module for use in control panels or machines. It is equipped with a display unit. The housing is equipped with IP65 front.

As a web terminal, the PanelA5D2 can be used in the following areas, for example:

  • Easy definition of user groups
  • Time and attendance functions
  • Daily booking overview
  • Time balance information
  • Periodic posting overview
  • Cost center change
  • Assignment of person groups

Due to the high configurability, the web terminal can be adapted exactly to the customer's requirements.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.


Technical details

  • Atmel® AT91SAMA5D22
    mit ARM Cortex-A5 Prozessor, 498 MHz Takt

  • 32 kB Data-Cache

  • 32 kB Instruction-Cache

  • 128 kB internal SRAM

  • MMU (Memory Management Unit)

  • VFPv4 Floating Point Unit

  • 256 MB LPDDR

  • 1MB serielles NOR-Flash (optional 128 MB)
  • Optional up to 512 MB serielles SLC-NAND-Flash



  • 10/100 Ethernet MAC

  • USB 2.0 High Speed

  • 1 x USB host

  • 1 x USB device

  • Micro SD-Card Slot

  • 3 x RS232 or RS485/RS422

  • If no display is required, the
    25 signals of the LCD interface are available as digital ports
    or further interfaces like I2C, I2S, SPI or CAN
    or CAN are available

Internal units
  • Timer, PWM

  • SPI

  • I²C
  • CAN-Controller

  • TFT bis 1024x768 Pixel

  • 18-Bit RGB


  • Linux 3.x

  • Debian

  • Java Virtual Machine

  • Supply voltage: 7..28 V

  • Real-time clock (RTC), battery-supported

  • Beeper

  • Serial number

  • safety-chip

  • RoHS/RoHS II conform

Circuit board-

  • 180.0 x 106.0 mm


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Element Beschreibung Download Hinweise
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